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  1. Mike Tan on

    As someone who grew up reading X-men and watched the transformation of Jean Grey from Marvel Girl into Phoenix and then into Dark Phoenix, this is stupid. Those of you who only know the X-men through these movies, go grab the X-men compendium. Especially the Phoenix saga from the time Jean Grey became The Phoenix until her demise as the Dark Phoenix. Curse you, Chris Claremont!!

  2. Martin Ezequiel on

    "You're always sorry Charles, and there is always a speech but nobody cares." Damn, I felt that. People always apologizing after causing great damage yet they keep doing it until people just don't trust them anymore or what they have to say.

  3. Phillip Jackson on

    I dont want jean to die in another xmen im really hoping they can salvage her in this one so she can actually live on and find the next level of power by learning to fully control the darkside. That would be the best ending because the pheonix can do anything her mind can conceive of. I really hope they arent repeating theirself.

  4. Phillip Collette on

    I like Sophie Turner and all, but Famke Janssen was such a great Jean Grey. I wish they had done this dark phoenix thing right the first time around. Brian Singer never should have bailed on X3 because Brett Ratner really botched that film. Ah well… I’ll still go and see this because I like this storyline.

  5. Silver on

    Latched onto her because she lost something, the Phoenix only latches onto someone who’s an omega level mutant (the most dangerous of mutant kind). I love the dark Phoenix eyes and the gold coming onto her face.


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  7. furrycheetah2000 on

    Hello everyone,REMEMBER WHAT NIKE AD SAID IN THE 2014 WC,"RISK EVERYTHING BECAUSE THERE IS NO GREATER DANGER THAN PLAYING SAFE."If you all Marvel X-Men fans get what I mean especially in making new Marvel movies n introducing new cast as well.

  8. Colonel Cosby on

    What sucks the most is we wont ever get to see Hugh as wolverine in any of these movies anymore so even if they are good they will never be the same without him. And of course he quit when Marvel is huge now and deadpool movies are out which just makes it even sadder :/ heres hoping to him changing his mind for maybe future deapool or even better future Avengers movie if they pay him the big bucks to do it lol

  9. clifford terrell on

    I don't care for these hero's I grew up on the X-Men cartoon in the 90s now that was an example of brilliant writing. I cared for the characters because they were smart heroic brave and always looked for answers not these hero's. Fox expects us to forgive X-Men apocalypse but after seeing the trailer of dark Phoenix I can't wait to see the X-Men reborn in the MCU


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