Windows 8 Touch Screen Tip – Can You Game & Touch at the Same Time Linus Tech Tips


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  1. Lauks on

    there is no interest pausing a game on your first monitor to use the second one.
    For that just alt+tab, one screen . And you can't on an online game bro :$

  2. The Obsesed Anime Freaks on

    think about it… have you ever been able to run 2 OS's on the same computer at the same time without a VM? or have you ever been able to use 2 mouse input devices at the same time without them inter fearing with each other? it is a limitation and its also a conveyance issue. Who would want to have a mouse for each monitor then have to remember which is which?

  3. The Obsesed Anime Freaks on

    OK you have to get my thought before you can speak. if someone can figure how to code a driver that will display 2 mouse pointers at the same time and have them operate independently then it is possible. you also have to have that driver enable multiple active windows at the same time. similar to the old style Graphics Design programs like gimp. these are the limitations. this is why when you click out of mine-craft it pauses the game.

  4. The Obsesed Anime Freaks on

    and any other game for that matter. to surf the web and play a game at the same time is not possible with out multiple pointing devices. I.E. a touch-pad and a mouse. and if you want to do this it is most likely better to either not to do it or have a separate computer running to handle research and other multitasking you need to do…
    i am also not stupid i know what i am talking about and if you can't accept my insight then fuck off dirt bag. rebuttal if you must but i only wish to converse.

  5. Resistanc3 on

    My question is can you play a first-person shooting mmorpg game; using your left hand for keyboard movement and right hand to aim and shoot on the touchscreen monitor?

  6. crisu990 on

    All you need to do is press windows key + P and make one monitor to go off, making other primary display at the same time. Result = fullscreen on any monitor. You can also toy in "Screen Resolution" to change primary display on the go.

  7. JangleKlown on

    The Obsesed Anime Freaks, I just wanted to say that the touchpad is NOT equivalent to the touchscreen. I know you posted that a year ago, but I've worked with a touchpad and a touchscreen and i much prefer the touchscreen. in windows 8, it works much better and a lot more fluid motion than what you get off of a touchpad, plus, you don't throw up the charms or bring up other open windows accidentally.


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