Windows 8 Touch Screen Tip – Can You Game & Touch at the Same Time Linus Tech Tips


100 comments on “Windows 8 Touch Screen Tip – Can You Game & Touch at the Same Time Linus Tech Tips

  1. Honest Mike on

    seems lazy that MS would spend so much effort promoting windows 8 as a touch friendly interface, and not allow this sort of use. I was thinking about getting a second touch monitor for just this reason, but you've saved me a purchase.
    Might just get another tablet to live next to my pc monitor…

  2. Classy Bear on

    i want to know something , if you're gaming on the touch screen and tap at a certain point will the gun/cross hair move to that location and shot or will it just shoot in the center ?

  3. sanctemify on

    Is there a performance difference running full screen versus windowed mode? I remember back in the day there used to be a massive dip running full screen versus windowed. Might be a good NCIX Tech Tips episode

  4. FlippinWindows | #1 Windows Tutorial Channel! on

    If you wanna play a game in Windows mode and switch to another monitor, your finger then serves as a pointer and it clicks in a Application that technically is another Windows. So in order to play the game in the other one, you'd have to click back to it. Why would you linus think you can play without clicking if you switched to a different App?


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