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  1. Guy Andrews on

    So I have a problem and this is for anyone to answer… im getting a laptop that has a touch screen and I want to get another touchscreen monitor but I dont know where the best place to buy one at… ill be making my purchase on black Friday probably so please anyone with tips let me know…

  2. Jai on

    hey i have an issue, how do you MAKE THEM BOTH touchscreen is the question, I have both the t23 like you do, and i cant seem to get them both to be touchscreen

  3. Rena Ok on

    Hi Linus, I hooked up my computer with a 52" tv, since I don't have cable and I watch pretty much everything online. But there are times where I would need to check something, while a movie is running so this solution was what I was looking for. I realized this was for windows 8, but I have a windows 7. Will this monitor work with my windows 7 or is there another model I should look for? Thank you!

  4. Dionisio Oliva on

    Hi Linus, I have an MSI 17" Apache Pro gaming laptop  which runs on Windows 8 but is not touch capable. Is it possible to attach an external touch screen monitor, like an Acer T232HL? How? Please help!

  5. CakesmithInc on

    If I get a touchscreen monitor for my already touchscreen laptop (Windows 8.1), will both the displays work as I would expect? (By that I mean I can use touch controls on each screen independently)

  6. Nytronic on

    Soo, did he answer the question? Or am I just retarded and missed it?
    Are you able to run a full screen game on the non touch screen monitor and use the touch screen monitor to navigate the web without it interfering with the game?

  7. Arjun Mehta on

    Woohoo, thank you! Excellent video demo! It seems that you have confirmed I can buy the "Acer T232HL Abmjjz 23-Inch" monitor for my dream setup of:

    "Surface Pro + Non Touch Screen 23.6" +  Touch Screen 23" 

  8. Clint Barber on

    Yo linus. I got X2 touch screens with no dvi but hdmi X2 ports and 1 d-sub each.

    My graphics card has only 1 hdmi, 1 dvi and 3 display ports.

    I also need to add my tv into the equation.

    Suggestions for all 3 to be fluent while having my "gaming" monitor stationary with maximum fps?

  9. laxmi Sidhu on

    hi linus one question , i have hp all in one pc which is touchscreen and then i want to add another monitor is it possible if i use normal monitor i mean no touchscreen . thankyou

  10. Pranav Raykar on

    I have a 1280×1024 res monitor , if i buy a FULL HD(1920 x 1080) monitor and try dual monitor setup would it keep the two separate monitors with two different resolution or would it narrow it down to the smaller reso in which case buying a FULL HD would be a waste ?

  11. EM Cleveland on

    OMG!  You're a life saver.  I so needed to have a solution.  Nothing like having a deadline for a project in 3dsmax and having trouble with the middle mouse if it's on a secondary screen (camera goes to no man's land).  I needed my Cintiq as primary. Ty ty ty 😀

  12. Dheeraj S on

    thnku very much I was looking for this. for 2 weeks I was using the touch as my main display. and switched it when I played games!!! 😀 this fixed it now

  13. Naadir Duglas on

    Has anyone tried to run multiple touch screens, im currently running three cheap monitors ive had for years and i want to get rid of them all and buy 3 touchscreen monitors similar to that acer he has, will this work? 
    i intend to plug one via hdmi from my gpu and the other two via displayport to vga/dvi adaptors and connect all 3 monitors with usb to my pc for the touchscreen element.
    Can anyone give advice? as to whether this will work or not

  14. Carl Borsing BorsingStudios_com on

    Does NOT work on my workstation with Win 7 (one week away from installing Win 10).
    What happens? By Enter switching to my touch screen monitor (I have a total of Three monitors HP Z 640 / AMD Firepro W7100) and touching my touch screen the Main monitor still picks up the input!???

  15. Preet Tyagi on

    How to make two touch screens work without mimicking the touch on the secondary screen onto the first.

    Step 1: Duplicate the screens
    Step 2: Go into "Tablet PC Settings"
    Step 3: Go into "Setup"
    Step 4: It gets a bit weird here, only your main display will show the white screen with text. Don't panic.
    Step 4.1: Touch your main touch screen
    Step 4.2: Touch your secondary screen
    Step 5: Press OK
    Step 6: Go back to "extended screen"

    I realised that a lot of people, including myself this morning, had this issue. Hence posting it out here.

  16. Conor Klecker on

    This worked! I knew I wouldn't be the only person with this issue.

    I added a touchscreen 22" screen as a secondary display to my 40" Phillips 4K monitor. But all touches were being registered on my 4K (primary display) Turns out there is a setting in control Panel, under Tablet PC Settings to adjust where touches are being registered.

  17. Lynzie Howard on

    Attempted this, but when the white screen with the message 'tap this screen with your tablet pen' came up I couldn't because it was still clicking onto the other monitor instead of the touch screen.

  18. KevinDolin on

    Can I add a second non-touch monitor to an all-in-one setup (HP Pavilion 23 p110) that has a touchscreen as the primary?  There's no input for another monitor, just USB slots.


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