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  1. Linus Tech Tips on

    Maintain corporate images, maybe. Possibly buying PCs every two years as part of the corporate upgrade plan, and you only buy 1/2 at a time. This way you can buy 1/2 now (on schedule) and then buy the other half and move all to Windows 7 in another 2 years.

  2. Plainbear on

    Microsoft dont sell Xp anymore, if you dont have enought Liscence Key, you can get this, ask for 200-300 downgrade key and then you also have Seven if you want to upgrade πŸ™‚

  3. AceJ1995 on

    Can you help me out? I got an .ISO, and put it on a 4.7 GB cd, and when I put it in it loads the whole CD, then it gets to "Opening windows" or something at the enhd were the menu is about to open up, and I get the BSOD (Blue screen of death), and was forced to restart my computer.

    I have a 1 TeraBite hard drive, with 500 Free space.

  4. on

    @REPOMAN24722 Why would you want to downgrade to Windows Vista from Windows 7 when Windows Vista is the mother of all hell? Windows 7 and Vista is based on the same kernel, but because Vista got such a bad publicity Microsoft decided to rename their Windows Vista Service Pack update to just "Windows 7" while retaining everything that makes up for Vista, plus adding more "features/GUI's" that's why future DirectX updates are backwards compatible with Vista. Downgrading to XP makes more sense.

  5. on

    Ever since the problems with Windows Vista and how Microsoft changed Vista's name to Windows 7 later on to dump the name of Vista due to bad publicity, I have decided to keep on using Windows XP, while I dual boot to Linux too (Ubuntu . com) as my current phase plan since for me, Linux sounds like a better upgrade, on Linux you can forget about viruses, trojans, etc since its open source, any vulnerabilities founds are patched real quick by the Open Source Developing Community worldwide.

  6. on

    @REPOMAN24722 I too have a dx 10.1 video card and 8 GB of RAM, that didn't stop me from downgrading to Windows XP 32 bit. Here's what will happen: You will have Dx 9.1 working, I heard about the DX 10 hack for Windows XP but have never tried it. Yes, you will have about 3.75GB of RAM available, but in my case, I took off 4 GB of RAM from my motherboard and placed it in storage in case if I need to replace on of the other 4 GB of RAM I am using if they become faulty in the future. All works.

  7. on

    @REPOMAN24722 part 2/2: Also, because you have one of those "Dx10.1 video cards" Windows XP will accept it even better, because that card has other features that will be more welcoming to your Windows XP computing experience, such as a much faster GPU, better anti aliasing, faster PCI-Express speeds (maybe up to 16x) now you will be able to play those games at a higher resulution without stutteting, something that was barely possible with a 4 year old video card. You might want to dualboot Linux

  8. darthjump on

    Hey Linus! First of all nice videos! But I have a serious Problem! I installed Win 7 Ultimate to get dx11 for my GTX 470 but now i found a dx11 for Vista and i want my Vista back!! But I cant downgrade back to Vista without loosing all my data! And i dont have a HDD to backup! Is there a way to do that without loosing all data? Help would be very nice!
    Robin πŸ˜€

  9. darthjump on

    @codyplayer13p Hey there! Thanks for ur support, its a while since i made the comment! Jeah what i just did was i bought an external HDD and saved my files, then reinstalled Vista with the Vista CD! πŸ˜‰


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