Who REALLY Created Spider-Man?


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  1. Mahdi Nur on

    I've always considered both Stan and Steve as the creators of the Webhead. Though Steve made Spider-man look iconic Stan also wanted him to be human just with gifts but they both made him relatable and tragic which is brilliant.

  2. m I o . o I m on

    I have an equation. In the decades since Stan Lee declared himself creator, the number of claims and doubts have risen exponentially. The very claim creates publicity. Publicity causes jealousy. Jealousy creates challenge. Challange incites speculation. Speculation creates conspiracy.
    Can't we be happy with the fact. The very fact that Lee, Kirby, Romita and Ditko, etc. etc. etc. had hands in creating, no matter what the measure, and that the end product has created an enormous amount of happiness for people?

  3. bpcgos on

    It is obvious right ? Who's the real creator of today pop culture and tech 'mostly' not the one we knew in public. Apple and Facebook for example…. And we also all knew the similarities of the people behind them all, right ? Its a pattern, boys… it's a pattern… You just can't deny it…

  4. bobajetfire on

    I have no direct evidence to back up my claim, but I believe that Steve Ditko did 80-90% of the charcter while Jack Kirby did 10% of it, and stan lee was only in charge of editing the comics. Because if stan lee was really in charge of creating spiderman he wouldn't have let him be diluted for decades including most other superheroes stan lee claims to have co-created.

  5. oXAngelusXo on

    There was a documentary on the BBC called in search of Ditko with Jonathan Ross that covers all this, it was great Stan Lee doesn't come over so well in it though. It ends with JR getting his amazing fantasy #15 signed by Ditko.


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