What If Tupac & Biggie Were Still Alive?


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  1. Latte' Lawson on

    PAC would’ve been producing a lot of films an most likely would’ve won an Oscar for a film before getting an award from rap sad! It’ll be so hard for other talents to get recognized- This Guy would have dominated 📺 it would be more wannabees than Elvis lol

  2. Gold Dawg on

    Damn this made me cry, to be a black man in America and to see what hip-hop/rap has become honestly breaks my heart… it went from lyrical assassins, outspoken political figures to Depressed drug abusers and Gucci gang..

    I miss Tupac and Biggie..
    don’t get me wrong the music is on a wave.. but the youth is destroying itself… and they don’t even care…

  3. Eli Grooves on

    Literally not alot would change if they didnt die except maybe Tupac being an even bigger movie star than he was and New Yorks rap scene would be even more elite, but Jay Z and Nas wouldn't beef and 50,Big L,Pun,Hov,Dipset,Jadakiss, and G-Unit wouldn't have been as big as they were throughout the 2000s

  4. BIG MG84 on

    Tupac is alive today but he is hiding forever till he dies,here s few reasons: he would be probably shot(killed) by enemy or government, and if they find him he will be in prison till he dies. And if they find him he will probably go to prison and he will be killed by some random prisoner. Let the man live in peace . West side till we die.


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