What If Eric Lindros Didn’t Get Traded To Philadelphia? – Future Considerations


48 comments on “What If Eric Lindros Didn’t Get Traded To Philadelphia? – Future Considerations

  1. Adam A on

    How bout what happens to Philly if they keep forsberg? And going to NY wasn't going to stop the concussions both teams were in new Jerseys division so he still ends up crunched by Scott Stevens

  2. Andy on

    Probably should've mentioned the massive pile of assets Quebec got in the Lindros trade. The only one mentioned was Forsberg and even he was rather minimized in this discussion.

  3. Gabriel Trejo on

    What if San Jose wasnt cheated out if the first overall pick?? That ended up being Lindros. The Sharks SHOULD have been given the 1st pick. He probably wouldnt have come anyway since he was such a primadonna about where he was gonna play 😒

  4. johnnymegabyte on

    FACT: Eric Lindros never won a Stanley Cup
    FACT: Quebec Nordiques moved to Colorado.
    FACT: Colorado wins the Stanley Cup in 1996.
    POSSIBILITY: Eric Lindros could have won a cup in 1996

  5. Daniel Vezina on

    you know nothing, what the Nordiques got in the trade for Lindros was amazing. Hextall, Duchesne, Ricci, Kerry Huffman, Peter Forsberg, a first-round pick in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft, $15 million, and future considerations. If not for the lock out, Quebec would have stayed longer and the dinasty would have been built in Quebec City, not Colorado

  6. The Hater King on

    What if Gretzky wasn't traded to LA? What if the MLB strike of 1994 didn't happen would the Expos win the World Series? What if Brock Lessnar Stayed in wwe would UFC be as big? What if Marty Mcsorelys stick was not called in the 1993 Stanley cup finals do the Kings win? What if the Calgary Flames goal was not disallowed in 2004 Stanley cup finals would they have won? There I gave you several shows to do please pick one and I'll be happy!!!!!!

  7. Jeff Froment on

    Eric Lindros was one of my favorite players in the 90s, along with Mario Lemieux, Ray Borque, Steve Yzerman and of course Wayne Gretzky " The Great One " favorite goalie Patrick Roy.

  8. joecerwinske7 on

    As an Avalanche fan for virtually my whole life, like many others of us, I genuinely thank Lindros for demanding a trade. Getting Forsberg for him was huge, and I think most people would agree that Peter Forsberg had a vastly superior career than Eric Lindros. Forsberg's creativity and instincts were the perfect compliment to Joe Sakic's deadly accuracy and leadership, and I think one without the other would not have been successful. I honestly don't know if Lindros and Sakic would have gotten along. Thankfully, we Avalanche fans don't have to worry about that!


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