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  1. Lacost on

    For you that didn't understand, the only reason he uploaded this is for the "kilimanjaro" song which will be released before the end of 2015, the gameplay is an excuse.

  2. Channel Not Used on

    I know he makes short videos and does stuff like this, but you don't have to complain about it just cause it's for fun. And also, he's not just making money off of videos, he's also made a book, (people buying his book) and he also has fans who are pre-ordering his EP (and people bought that one song too) SO RELAX HES NOT A MONEY WHORE he does other stuff too and that's why he barley uploads😑 Dang I'm tired of y'all hating on him, and even though y'all are saying he's a little bit too much (I kinda think that too but I still love him as a fan) I kinda tried to compare it to his old videos, and he kinda acts the same. But really, why would y'all want KSI to be in his old house still and not make a book and a EP for y'all? And tbh, I like 4 songs from the EP but yeah. Sorry I made this long and yeah just to clear everything out😅


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