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  1. jacqueline Sage on

    Every time I go to Walmart, I have some bizarre experience in which I see or smell somebody absolutely disgusting… or I have an issue with the Idiot at the register…or I buy something that turns out to be an absolute piece of crap. I never have these experiences in target, eventually I just stopped going to Walmart. It’s like the town trash gathering Spot

  2. J.A.M. on

    I work at target and we’re trained to assist guests (yes you’re called guests) over doing our actual work. Guest satisfaction and overall experience can make up for the slightly more priced merchandise. However if it doesn’t, Target price matches major competitors like Walmart, Amazon, etc. so Target is a win win

  3. Steve Smith on

    I'd like to interject on round 4. I work at a Walmart and my girl works at the Target. We both work in customer service. Target does not pay for cross training. Walmart does. My girl has worked for Target for 2 years and is trained in 6 departments and makes no more than a cashier that is hired off the street today. Target also does not bump pay when minimum wage is increased. My girl has had 3 raises and currently makes minimum wage. I on the other hand make $2/hour more than her working for Walmart the same length of time. Their treatment of employees is no better, may even be worse. My girl has come home from work in tears many times and is considered by the management to be one of their better employees. She was offered a management position but turned it down due to the fact that it only pays 50¢ more. Walmart bumps pay for lower management $2 plus. Just wanted to inform you.

  4. Pinkie Post on

    Walmart better target has 2 rows of makeup Walmart has 4 pluses it has 3 rows of clothes target only has 1 and at Walmart I always want to go it's so fun there they have 5 rows of toys slime dolls doll clothes target don't even have a toy section wow 😳 so witch ones better Walmart obviously

  5. Scott Nyob on

    I live 2 miles from a walfart and 12 miles from Target. I only go to Target.
    I went to a walfart once to see what it was all about. I showered twice when I got home. That place (and especially the majority of shoppers), is pure NASTY. Never again!!

  6. William Price on

    Target is the Yid to Walmart's Yang. One compliments the other. Sears could have and sould have fitted into this spot, but they missed the boat along time ago. Only placed now left for Sears to go, and I hate to say it, is extinction.

  7. Akoni Ah Yat on

    Its not even a comparison. You want the best price you go to TARGET. Target price matches and Wal-Mart doesn't. Wal-Mart looks like a place for bums to shop, its so dirty and ghetto. While Target is so much cleaner and nicer.

  8. DaveyTheDJ on

    No I don't agree I've been to Target their prices on what I buy is play up like Kmart and Ames were too high Walmart on the other hand I save a lot of money with limited income that I have I have to watch my p's and q's and they used to call it Walmart is the winner for me even though they don't always carry everything that I need were in stock of everything I need every time I go I will never ever go to Target price is way too high too high for me even if I made $5,000 a day or 50 billion dollars a year ain't no way I'd go to Target I don't care

  9. Vegans ColorfulWorld on

    I'm my point of view Target is WAY BETTER!! My time is more valuable than anything and when I go to Walmart I have to wait AT LEAST 30min just to pay, not to mention that it's messy so takes me longer to find things. Plus their employees are rude and not helpful. My time is way more valuable and my sanity appreciates my choice. Target 😍

  10. Amanda Susanne on

    The people who shop at Walmart are so ghetto, I can drive 2 minutes farther and shop at Target, the prices are nearly the same and the products are of way higher quality. The employees go out of their way to be helpful and friendly. If I’m going to grab food I will run into Wal Mart, unless I want produce.

  11. G breeze on

    When I go to walmart my claustrophobia kicks in. The aisles are so freaking small that you're always in danger of running into somebody or getting stuck between shoppers who have carts.


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