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  1. Baby Irene on

    Oh I just love these
    Movies that make light of hundreds of thousands home owners losing everything
    While we fight somebody elseโ€™s war.
    And pay for it.
    Then our children pay for it

    Classy stuff

  2. David Bee on

    Catch this film if you can. It's not fiction. It's more a really well done and dramatic documentary on one THE deadliest lying criminals in U.S. Government history who ought to be hung for treason and directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of the U.S's best young troops as well as thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq through his lies and pulling the puppet strings on George W., the clueless, guileless President at the time Also responsible for the roots of ISIS. Hate the totally corrupt bastard but loved the film for its true telling of the true story.

  3. 1WhistleBlower on

    Hollywood, Why do you make these movies! bad makeup, weak storyline, poor acting in most scenes. However, hollywood did something unique this time: no east indians which has become a constant in every Hollywood movie now. Regardless whatever role: indian, latino, middle eastern,.. I can not find an american movie now without an indian in a major role! Hollywood is the only one that thinks that is entertaining and like to outsource instead of local talent. Thou Hollywood is becoming Bollywood! Gross!

  4. natesmovies on

    Has anyone seen this movie? I just saw it, and the little monologue at the end when Christian Bale looks right into the camera reminds me SO much of another movie character. But I have no idea what or who it is and it is driving me insane. Please please help

  5. Gregory Wade on

    The preview got me into the theater; I knew there would be great acting. Sam Rockwell is someone we need to see more of. But then the disappointment set in. Was I suppose to relate to the narrator? I did not. How do you make a movie about Cheney and not say "Neo-con" even once? How about 9-11? The investigation was a whitewash. They could have done a whole movie about that. Instead they spent more time on Cheney's alcoholism. His alcoholism didn't get hundreds of thousands violently murdered. Finally why even go after fiscal conservatives? Cheney wasn't a fiscal conservative. Major disappointment.

  6. snellavision on

    Apologia for Bush Jnr seems to be in-vogue in Hollywood right now … pretending to be dumb for the optics seems to have done well for him; I forget, was it Cheney's signature on the executive orders?

  7. S. L. on

    I'm spooked. Bale is so transformed and immersed, I can't believe that's him. Rockwell looks exactly like a younger, idiotic self of W. I despise the neo-cons, Cheney first and foremost, but I have to see this movie.

  8. Zapper CD on

    Very clever attempt by the NWO/deep state/anti-American Cabal to make it
    look like "republicans" are responsible for all the nation's ills.
    Truth be told – the NOW / globalist anti-American Cabal in both parties
    are to blame. Cheny is a RINO. A globalist. A man who by now should be
    enjoying his stay at GITMO – where he and his other anti-American
    traitors placed THEIR enemies. Word is that Obama, Clintons, Bushes and
    the like are being served – and are being or have already been
    transported to GITMO for their crimes of treason against the republic of
    the United States of America. Time will tell if this is actually true.
    Not whether they are actually guilty, but whether they have actually
    been finally held to account for their crimes – Repbulican and Democrats
    alike – all American traitors.

  9. ALFA on

    Discover the untold TRUE story hahahhahahhhahhahahhhahhahahhhahhhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahha now thats the best joke i've heard so far this year, damn that's a good one hahahaha


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