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    Ahem, TECHNICALLY, Venom ISN'T a "Marvel" movie since it's being distributed and produced by SONY. And even if it's "adjacent" to the MCU, it's not considered to be a Marvel movie. IMO

  2. W0NK042 on

    Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was 2020 – Then they fired James Gunn. Now nobody knows if/when it will be.

    Marvel Studios dates, with no titles yet attached:

    2020: May, July, November.
    2021: February, May, November.
    2022: February, May, July.

  3. Jake Gonzalez on

    I want to see next year 2019 is captain marvel, avengers 4 and spider man far from home, that’s what I am most anticipating of next year, I’m so excited for this and I am definitely looking forward to it

  4. O.G. Erik on

    The only ones I'm dying to see are Venom, Dark Phoenix, New Mutants, Doctor Strange 2, and maybe Guardians 3 if it doesn't suck balls like Vol. 2. The rest I can definitely live without.


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