Unanswered Questions in Rick and Morty


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  1. daltx7gatsuga on

    the whole concept of an "our Rick" is in direct contradiction to what the show tries to present. it's existential comedy, and it takes time and effort to point out that the concept of a multiverse directly prevents the concept of continuity. there are ricks and there are mortys. these are the only concepts we can accept as true or "canon" throughout the entirety of the show

  2. Mitchel Onyembi on

    Lol I've binged watched this whole series multiple times some times from the last episode of the last season to the first episode of the first…It's such a good show cause it's so re watchable and most rick and morty fans will Agree there's no mystery in rick and morty we didn't notice and haven't racked our brains about yet😅

  3. Mitchel Onyembi on

    Evil Morty is this ricks morty😯
    The rickest rick would have the mortiest morty…And a rick able to destroy the citadel would naturally have morty smart enough to take over…That would explain why that morty specifically framed this rick😮

  4. Jeremy on

    If Beth were a clone, Rick would have executed her when she believed she was a clone. He probably cloned her, but the clone is having the adventures.

  5. G Dogg on

    I wanna know about the reality they went to after Morty‘s squirrel incident in Morty‘s Mindblowers. Where were the Rick and Morty from that reality?

  6. Cleopatra7Philopator on

    Just have to Chime-in on Defining Canon: HOW? Rick is only Consistent in his Declaration that there are an Infinite # of Universes, with an Infinite # of Beths, Mortys Summers, etc. We SEE him Replace himself and Morty. Morty declares that Rick Lies. ANYTHING Rick Says, Does, or Knows is subject to Review and Revision.
    …..but I Suppose it Might or Might Not be.

  7. Garrett Eldridge on

    Beth isn’t a clon because rick would have erased her memory of the clone process to begin with. The clone Tommy didn’t remember froopy land, but remembered his parents. Rick also has memory wiping tech so he could have used that if the clone remembers things the original person remembers

  8. Lost my Taehyung on

    Guys I have a BIG question. I am looking for an episode of Rick and
    Morty. Its episode 1 season 1, except it doesn't go like we all know it.
    It starts normally with Rick dragging Morty in his car and telling him
    about the bomb and at some point it snaps and starts over again. It
    loops like this for whole 17-18 minutes with it snapping at different
    parts of the episode and starting from the beginning. Then at the end we
    see Rick and morty in Rick's garage with Rick holding some kind of
    remote and explaining to Morty how he deletes realities by pressing the
    button on the remote and what we have been watching for almost 20
    minutes is him actually deleting these realities while he thinks that
    the remote isn't working.

    I saw this episode when I first started watching Rick and Morty and this
    was the pilot that I watched. About a year later when I rewatched the
    whole series I noticed that the pilot episode is completely different
    and I have been trying to find the other once since then. Nobody
    believes me that I have seen this episode, because I cannot find any
    evidence that it exists. Have you seen this or am I going crazy? Please
    tell me if you have and a link to it would be much appreciated.


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