Top Ten Cartoons That Should Do a Robot Chicken Special


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  1. BlueGuy on

    I would definitely get Robot Chicken to do a Family Guy special, a Loud House sketch, a Ren & Stimpy sketch (swear to God it would be more funnier than the vile mess APC had), a TMNT special, a Marvel comics special, a Team Fortress 2 special (since it's sketch based on the game is fucking hilarious), a South Park sketch and special (if Matt and Trey are OK with it), and as well as a Regular Show sketch and special.

  2. Jake Taller on

    Heres A Special I Think Would Be Cool,
    The Skeletor Special.
    Plot: Tired Of Losing To He-Man All The Time, Skeletor Teams Up With Villains Such As Mum ra, Shredder, Cobra Commander, Gargamel, And Megatron, To Try And Take Over The Multiverse. So He-Man Teams Up With Other Heroes Like Lion-O, Optimus Prime, GI Joe, The Smurfs, And The TMNT To Stop Them

  3. PusoPimpOVER9000 on

    Here's a couple ideas: Nintendo and Toonami. The former they've spoofed a ton over the years, and they've dabbled with anime and action cartoons enough to make me intrigued by the idea of them taking it on while incorporating another of [adult swim]'s properties. Also, how is Thundercats and honorable mention while The Simsons and South Park make it? Spoofing 80s cartoons with big toylines is kinda their thing lol.

  4. ツ Deon's Doggy Diaries' シ on

    Let's see. We currently have Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and I believe Sonic The Hedgehog as having a short spin-off of Robot Chicken so far and think they should probably create Sailor Moon or Regular Show in my opinion. With both shows that are quite popular and having other shows following their footsteps of Easter Eggs, it would be awesome to see one of them in upcoming episodes of the Robot Chicken series!

    Also, this may be random but for anyone whom may be in High School or College, please have a great and safe Monday! 🙏 I'm not in school anymore of course lol but with the new season starting and people buying supplies from Walmart, I'm sure this week will be stressful along having a job on the side.

    Sigh… I HATE MONDAYS. 🐱

  5. Forest on

    As much as nice it be for rick and Morty to be taken down a few pegs and ripped a new one sure their toxic fan base would riot at the smallest joke that disrespected that shit show.


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