Top 5 Things Wrong with DC’s Titans


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  1. cherryguns on

    for the first time ever, i agree with watchmojo.

    no offense, but i hated starfire's new look. her hair is.. hhng, and while i'm not racist, why?? why make her black?? that's not how her character was?? the original starfire has orange tannish skin. like i get they're trying to be more diverse, but if they wanted a black character, THEY COULD'VE ADDED CYBORG! that leads me to another point, where the fuck is cyborg?? you can't have the teen titans without cyborg.
    another problem of mine is raven. raven is dark, mature and somber. this raven looks straight outta hot topic as the video mentioned. and her personality is. ??????? like? that's.. not raven. she's kinda.. yknow.. and shes not a teen girl that cant control her power and is all sad like that. wasn't the point of her character that she was often cold and calm and rarely showed distress?? what- what happened??

  2. Meriwether on

    At Ep. 5 so far. Here goes.

    Robin: Total personality change. I'm actually ok with the "being a bit too much like Batman than he'd like", but the whole killing people thing? No, no, no, no, NO. Actor has charm and the moves, but is let down by the writing team.

    Beast Boy: Pretty good, but needs much more quipping, must be more hyper, more enthusiastic. Probably the most authentic character thus far.

    Raven: Far too "human". Raven is supposed to be a dour, flat-toned half demon who is the personality foil for the rest of the team. Actress does a good job with what she's got, but the character is written very poorly.

    Starfire: Well with Cyborg not in the picture, they had to bring in a black cast member to fill out the diversity quota. So yep, step forward alternative Starfire, who looks, sounds, and acts nothing like the original character. Again far too "human", all Starfires idiosyncrasies are missing. Outfit is.. passable. Hair not so much. Again, actress is doing her best.

    Cyborg: Missing.

    The story is… ok. One thing of note is that all the normal guys outside the main cast & other powered characters are negatively portrayed, from fat lazy security guards to drunk hunters, from gun runners to mad scientists. Women are portrayed in a much better light, though they are cast as victims to men throughout which is entirely unhelpful. Writers should stamp this out or risk alienating the audience.

  3. Mega Openings on

    The only reason I think they drastically changed Starfire appearance is for diversity. Cause I have a feeling if they had not put in other races. They may have gotten some PR backlash.

  4. Alexander Ramsay on

    Sadly, all your arguments are "why isn't it like the 2003 series?.
    One important fact is that viewers really need to understand is Arrowverse, DCEU, Titans Universe are all based on the New 52 and onwards which means Cyborg was never a Titan.

  5. S Mac on

    The show wasn't that bad, its weird cuz none of the characters are remotely similar to the source material except Robin and MAYBE beast boy but if you pretend this isnt teen titans then its actually pretty decent.

  6. Trent Tabuai on

    One also thing you might need to add the list is that starfire and raven haven't flew yet, but it might happen in the next potential season… it better happen and it better show cyborg as well.

  7. Splix on

    Titans isn’t teen titans just because their not the exact same doesn’t make titans a bad show I love titans I’ve watched all of the episodes and waiting on season 2 so just because titans isn’t the same a teen titans doesn’t mean you should hate on titans ps I know I’m gonna get lots of hate on this comment you can have your opinion and I can have mine

  8. PastaHearts on

    I loved the show! I thought it read gonna be terrible, but I actually loved it. There are some valid points though in the video but overall it held its own very well in my opinion


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