Top 5 Things We Want to See from Tesla in the Future


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  1. Beto on

    This is just the beginning, still coming more Teslas vehicles in the next few years,
    Tesla's evolution will be huge, production of cars and batteries will increase, and 2 new gigafactorys

  2. Mick Lennon on

    Nobody other than hipsters asked for cars that are fully autonomous. Also, the car enthusiasts who support cars that are fully autonomous are NOT true car enthusiasts. They are hipsters and they are posers. Real car enthusiasts want flying cars instead of this autonomous car bullshit. The only time I would support the concept of an autonomous car is if the car is drivable with an autopilot mode. In fact, I can’t even consider autonomous cars to be real cars. Instead, I call them hipstermobiles. Why? Because those pieces of defecation only appeal to hipsters and not car enthusiasts.

  3. Marek Misztal on

    I would not even want to get in a fully self driving car because
    -i don't trust ai
    -self driving cars can be hacked lock you inside and take you somewhere you don't want to go or even be used in terrorist attacks and that sounds scary
    -it could possibly fail and kill you
    -i like driving and i feel more confident and safer whem i'm in control
    Electric cars can be cool but fully autonomous cars are unpredictable and just boring also if people can hack fbi or nasa they probably wouldn't have a problem with hacking a car
    i'm a petrolhead but i'm also a fan of tesla because they changed my opinion on electric cars
    Electric cars are the future (i'm not sure if i'm excited for it but they are fast and very impressive so i'm cool with it) but self driving cars are a big no for me and i hope car companies also see it this way

  4. Aikirob on

    It'd be better for the world if they made a cheap car, make a tesla compact car, scrap all the fancy shit, make it look like an old shitbox car from the 80's and have the cost as minimal as humanly possible, then the 90% of people in the world who aren't rich will buy them just to save money on owning a car…

  5. Andrei Agulescu on

    Electric cars stick out like a soar thumb due to odd designs that are meant to make them look futuristic. Tesla is in my opinion the only car maker that produces sleek cars that don't scream electric and have just enough elegance to make them stick out a bit. I'm a big fan of that center screen and the ability to control everything from it instead of having 100 buttons and switches clutter up the entire dashboard.
    I really hope they overcome their financial shortcomings and introduce more models in the near future.

  6. Nancy Waiganjo on

    Tesla should make the Model X better. It can't compete with it's German and even Japanese rivals. Even USA. Tesla must stop cuz competition is fierce. Mercedes, Fisker, Fairday, even Hyundai. Tesla should
    up their game. They must stop worrying about debt and more on profits as of Investing Hunter said, "I want Tesla to stop
    being in debt and start making profit." Just
    saying Elon Musk.

  7. Duck Shell on

    These aren’t cars, but rather appliances. Sure, they have “features”, but all you really need is a 6-Speed manual, Rear Wheel Drive, 200 Horsepower, perfect 50/50 weight distribution, and it weighs less than 3000 LBS. You don’t need 50 Airbags. You don’t need big screens. You don’t need lifeless steering and throttle. All you need when driving a car is joy.

  8. francis singh on

    In the end of the day, they need to make it affordable. Consumers won't buy a tesla simply because its a tesla, cars don't work the same way as cell phone companies like Apple. Tesla proved you can build an electric car, now it has to prove its affordable. Either reduce the price, make the financing process more open and transparent.

  9. agriperma on

    1) The Tesla car is a catalyst to motivate other companies to develop and compete against his cars, he shared the technology with the world, for that purpose. in that he has succeeded, as almost every car manufacturer has electric cars either in production, or in development.

    2) Charging stations, is not just for Tesla cars, dozens of other manufacturers are making electric cars. just think how many decades it took to put petrol stations all over the place when internal combustion engines first started coming out. you think thousands of gas stations were built first? not many people can refine their own gasoline, but anyone can supply their own electricity. anyway my prediction is induction charging, all parking lots and spaces will have standard induction, cars will have RFID chip, you park anywhere, and the UI on your dashboard asks if you want to charge, displays rates, you affirm yes or no. or can just set it for auto affirmation at any set range of rate you set. the establishment gets a small % of the electric sales , everyone wins.

    3) Auto driving cars, that technology is in it's infancy, and will only get better and better. many companies are doing this.

    4) Tesla is changing the world, Solar, and cars is just a fraction of what they are doing and have planned. this companies actions is motivating other companies to rethink what they are doing, and that is Elon Musk's goal.

    5)More options? really not important at this point, the goal is to change the direction of the industry, so when you go to the auto dealer, and see 20 different electric cars from different companies, remember who and what company kick started that reality.

  10. Joel Plamondon on

    What we need is to convince all car companies how serious the future of electric cars is. Do they want to be left behind like 8 track tapes, VHS, tape decks, vinyl records, and eventually CD's and DVD's? Here's a trick! Convert half of your production facilities to electric cars, then swap the prices. Sell your ICE's at the price of electrics and sell your electrics at the price of ICE's! There!


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