Top 5 Secrets Only the President Knows


100 comments on “Top 5 Secrets Only the President Knows

  1. Stud on

    Too many people in comments are idiots they didn’t give out nuclear codes,agent names etc, they said things that only the president knows just like the title said.. if you know the codes from watching the video let me know!

  2. ADDISON396 on

    Not a single one of these things is something "only the president knows." Nice clickbait. Sure you got your clicks but I do wonder how many others are disappointed (customers) who clicked expecting to learn about things "only the president knows."

  3. The Dark Knight Forever on

    first of all in some countries(like india) president is secondary to prime minister.
    next i hear that lot of people are asking how you know this. well the truth is you dont.
    you are just scratching the surface. you dont know the kill list, whereabouts of the nukes or agents.
    you just know they exist

  4. Mr x on

    so these things are known by watchmojo and the government? hmm, maybe watchmojo is a governement's weapon meant to brainwash the civilization?


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