Top 5 Creepy Things You Didn’t Know About Mermaids


100 comments on “Top 5 Creepy Things You Didn’t Know About Mermaids

  1. Flame4Moonlight on

    Classic demon shape shifters as mermaids , pixies a little people…and they all want to have sex with you. As well as demons you late a decade at least with "what's in" Mojo…Don't be down CW is doing that for a 40 years.

  2. Miss_Kisa94 on

    Ok if mermaids actually did exist why would they look humanoid? Why would they have breast or hair? Or hands for that matter what good would human hands be when you live under water? They wouldn't have human eyes either because they wouldn't work well. If anything close to mermaids did exist they would probably look more frog like or like the zoras from Zelda. I just never understood it.

  3. BJ Vynz on

    The sightings point is well… pointless. People still claim sightings of anything from the lochness monster to the chupacabra. That's not something that we "didn't know about" anything.


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