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  1. brandon calin on

    Yeah, let's just put a food spectrometer on a device that has more germs/bacteria than a toilet. Then touch a lot of food with it and spread germs and bacteria everywhere.

    Think about it, you go to the toilet and take a shit while watching YouTube or on Facebook. Then you wipe your ass with your dominant hand. You know the one you use your phone with. Then you touch your phone before washing your hands. AND SOMEONE WANTS TO PUT A SPECTROMETER ON THE FUCKING THING AND HAVE PEOPLE TOUCH FOOD THAT OTHERS ARE GOING TO BUY WITH THE PHONE YOU JUST RUBBED SHIT BACTERIA ALL OVER.


  2. Negan on

    U know what will be a good idea for a phone maybe? Phone that can charge from the sun or from heat like when u put it in your pocket your bodyheat will charge it?

  3. Hal Jordan on

    with regards to the 5 feature, the spectrometer… so this means that I can hold the phone up to a woman's pussy and analyze any part of it that doesn't look right to check to STDs? like can I hold the phone up to warts or bumps and scan it to make sure it's not herpes?

  4. Adam Ramirez on

    I have my doubts on the spectrometer feature. An actual spectrometer (Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer) needs several parts and conditions to function properly and most spectrometers in the market are incredibly large because of this. It's either the spectrometer smartphone claim is BS or it exists but is highly inaccurate. I think it's the former.


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