Top 3 Things You Missed in The Series Finale of Game of Thrones


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  1. Hiyuke La Vie on

    "Why do you think I came all this way"

    Turns out, the Three Eyed Raven is an ancient malevolent spirit that has possessed Bran

    Its goal was to gain control of the throne, and use its powers and authority to slowly dispatch anyone who could stand in its way, before finally opening a portal that would allow demons to invade westeros

    Turns out the NK's purpose all along, the reason he finally awoken after all these years, was to kill Bran and destroy this malevolent spirit, alas the humans misunderstood him

    The lord of Light, of course, is actually a primordial evil, aiding the Three Eyed Raven in its unholy quest

  2. M M on

    We missed
    – story quality
    – story logic
    – story script

    Acting, cinematography, production was great! But D&D just did not care for the show.

  3. KaosKrusher on

    why does she thanks the Dothraki? and where do they come from?
    since they're all in Westeros they wre pretty useless and died in a lame charge against an unseen undead opponent in episode 3 …
    and even after that (and accepting a lot survived this) they did absolutley nothing except maybe pillaging King's Landing …

    edit: also what happened to winter? …

  4. Noobmaster 69 on

    Dedicated to Dany

    Every night in my dreams,
    I see you, I feel you.
    That is how I know you
    Go on.
    Far across the distance
    And spaces, between us.
    You have come to show you
    Go on.
    Near, far, wherever you are,
    I believe that the heart does
    Go on.
    Once more, you open the door.
    And you're here, in my heart and,
    My heart will go on and on.

  5. Al13n1nV8D3R on

    One of the greatest TV Shows in our lifetime ruined by a terrible unoriginal ending. I mean come on Bran? Why Bran? He hardly did anything to help the realms of men and sat back while everyone did their jobs killing night king and ending the war. He could have warged into the dragon and that would have made a better ending.

  6. Henry Estrada on

    Y’all seriously made 3 maybe even 4 videos in 24 hours about game of thrones. You guys need to make better content, your views have been dropping quickly over the past few months.

  7. Nanael OverLock on

    Things I missed…
    The good storytelling and plot
    The character development
    The logic
    The lore
    The lack of plot armor
    Any consistency whatsoever.
    And above all I miss not having watched it.


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