Top 20 Iconic Horror Movie Masks


100 comments on “Top 20 Iconic Horror Movie Masks

  1. Pirotic. on

    Huh… I'm surprised that the miners mask, from My Bloody Valentine, did not make the list, nor honorable mentions.

    Sad, really. I always enjoyed that movie.

  2. Video Maestro on

    1:35 Well he will be eating THAT all right! 🙁
    2:24 Ok seeing something like THAT out of nowhere 😳
    5:41 I have seen some of the Movie and am kind of aware of the Masks but am now reminded because I forgot about them for some time 😂
    10:46 CUT OFF HIS FACE?! 😳

  3. Colin Opal on

    At my school there was this kid during this event where you dressed up as a character from a book and this kid had the most scary mask I’ve ever saw. And it wasn’t even meant to be scary

  4. xcross20 on

    i grew up watching movies like friday the 13th and halloween , and i was like 1 of those 2 has to be no1 , im glad it was jason's mask he is my fav follow by michael


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