Top 20 Iconic Horror Movie Masks


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  1. MutterBilk Miscuit on

    I’m not supposed to see her!
    Or hear her say her name! Her name should be in the description and that’s it. She is supposed to be the disembodied voice that adds a unique touch to WatchMojo…. she was a favorite damnit!!! Because you don’t have to imagine her, you just enjoy her dialogue….DAMN YOU WATCHMOJO!!!!

  2. Parzival on

    Ahem. What about The Collector’s mask? Two films that are cult classics with a third movie coming soon, writers from the saw franchise… and not even an honorable mention?

  3. { d o g g o d r a p y } on

    i dont find masks scary anymore, i mean, if i saw jason or michael staring at me through my window yeah id be scared af but generally im not scared of masks. its just generally the intentions of the person wearing the mask and how you cant tell what those intentions may be because of the mask hiding their face. but if i had to describe a mask that might creep me out is maybe a completely white mask, with no features or designs or holes or anything like that, just a blank white mask. also, if youve ever heard of the uncanny valley effect (if you dont know what that is, look it up. or dont) a type of mask like that will definitely creep the hell out of me.


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