Top 20 Game of Thrones Moments


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  1. dwm1812 on

    Battle of the Bastards the best battle? Not by a long shot – poorly filmed and poorly conceived – the whole pile/wall of bodies was comical and I found myself laughing at the whole concept.
    As for top moments – killing the Nightking and Killing Dany are 1 and 2 in any order – anything else is just stupid.

  2. psycho artism on

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  3. viliguns on

    I'm tired of the Red Wedding being the best TV moment on Watchmojo. Tyrion's trial and trial by battle should be one. Just as Arya Starks killing the Night King and the battle at Winterfell with the Walkers should be one. That episode was the best of season 8.

    Watchmojo, do a top 10 episodes of GoT.

  4. Danielle Watson on

    My top three moments in no particular order would probably be the battle between the Lannister army and the Dothraki, Arya telling Jaqan Hagar she’s going home and the boat sex 😂

  5. The Nerve on

    What made Game of Thrones was Ned Stark's execution. It should have been easily in the top 3. That is what made all the hype. A show where main characters aren't plot armor protected… well, at least until season 5.

  6. claudette lajoie on

    I see that Bran knew so many things ahead of time about Jon and many others but never said anything but he forgave Jamie for pushing him out of the window but for Jon he didn't care at all.

  7. ASMR Rankings on

    My favourites include:

    -Drogon rescuing Dany & Co. at the wrestling pit in season 5.

    -Drogon melting the Irone Throne.

    -Arya sailing to Braavos.

    -Dany becoming Mhyssa while held high by people.

    -Jaime rescuing Brienne from the Bear.

  8. Ahmed Radwan on

    Top 10:-
    1- Red Wedding
    2- Hold the door
    3- Tryion's trial
    4- Arya stabs night king
    5- Ygritte's death – Jon Snow(My watch has ended)
    6- Princess Shereen' death
    7- Joffery's death
    8- Burn of the Sept
    9- Ned Execution
    10- Battle of the basterds.


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