Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Duels of All Time


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  1. AJ on

    There are a few Duels that don't appear in this list that I liked, such as…
    Both Duels with Yusei in the Detention Facility, where Yusei proved that every card is useful and on both Duels Yusei fought for someone (every single inmate in the second one) else.
    Yusei and Kalin vs Lawton, the last Duel of Crash Town and because I hated Lawton.
    Crow vs Bolton, that part with Black Feather Dragon was emotional and it was the first 5D's Duel I watched.
    Yusei vs Bruno/Antinomy, card games on motorcycles in space, what else?

  2. Michael Kerrigan on

    The Finale Duel between Yusei and Jack is probably my favorite duel in Yugioh history, and I've seen them all. The score/songs, the message for each member of Team 5D's to pursue their dream, and the thrill of the back-and-forth card play was a fine piece of work.

  3. KeybladeKnight14 on

    Yugioh 5Ds is by far the darkest Yugioh series. It might as well be on the same league as Season 0. Especially if you watch the sub version to find out that:

    1.Divine kidnapped and Lobotomize a bunch of children to build an army of psychics to cause mass genocide.

    2.The Earthbound cards required the sacrifice of hundreds of souls from either Neo Domino City or The Satelight.

    3. Divine kinda tortured Lua to test if he had any psychic potential. After the duel, Divine states that Lua has no psychic potential, but told him that Luca nor anyone else is going to leave the facility. At the sametime Yanagi (The old man) and Himuro was locked inside some chamber room. So if Divine was gonna keep Luca inside the building, and has no use for Lua, but told Lua his secret plans AND told him that no one's leaving; then you could guess what Divine was going to do to Lua, Yanagi, and Himuro.

    4. Bommer's past and what actually happened to his village. In fact, the entire duel was sad.

    5. Everything about Carly vs Divine.

    6. Everyone about Yusei vs Rudgar (first fight)

    7. In the tournament arc, Luca was being Mind break (I think that's the right term) by a psychic duelest. And he didn't have any good intentions.

  4. Zburator on

    I like the list, glad I managed to call #1. The only thing that felt strange… what about the duel between Clem and the Gattling Ogre guy in the wild west? I figured it'd at least be in honorable mentions. Ah well, still awesome. I'm… satisfied.

  5. Gemini Bull on

    Its AKI. not akiza. thats just the idiotic dub name that 4kidz, or whatever they call themselves now, made up. what about Team Taiyo?!?!?!?!?!? summoning a monster with so many restrictions is VERY hard!!!! at least put it as a mention!!! :(((

  6. my old friend ryo on

    Carly’s “mind games” were under the influence of the Dark Signers – Jack managed to pull the real Carly out. He won because Carly blocked his card that would have caused both of them to take the 6500 damage. Jack planned on dying with her and I don’t think this was adequately portrayed in this video smh

  7. Jax Delarosa on

    Nope no no no I hate this list. Don't get me wrong some VERY well deserved to be on here. But the three vs three duel with the sleeping giant was amazing. Should of at least been in the top three AND the final 5ds duel Jack vs Yusei had so much emotion it deserved a place on here. Number one duel SHOULD OF BEEN Yusei vs Bruno, I almost cried cause of how it ended. Those that haven't seen that duel it's a must.


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