Top 10 YouTube Gamer Scandals


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  1. Scourge88 on

    I knew the dislike bar would be high because he called Pewd a racist lol. Pewd is ignorant and you can tell that's not the first time he said the N word. No excuse for saying no matter how mad you get at anything. Can't say not shit like that especially if people watch you. Say the shit behind close doors like most people do.

  2. Skinnyjams on

    Hey watch mojo. Ur like a normal news source in the real world. Only difference is ur on youtube which is a thing that won't matter in let's say a few years from now. It's interesting that u have to use other youtubers mistakes and views just to get more money and more views. I suggest u find better ideas that don't out right hurt people who don't deserve it. Sure some of these people do deserve it but most of them dont

  3. ThatguyScotland on

    Watchmojo, stop embarrassing yourselves and just take this video down. Ding Dong and Julian want to be remembered for their work on games, not let's plays. Not to mention that they have both technically left Oneyplays at this moment, as well as Ding Dong making it incredibly clear (top comment on this video as well, actually) that there is no BIG OMG EPIC YOUTUBE DRAMA. Please just delete this one.

  4. Harkness78 on

    Jon Tron barely looks white, looks like some kinda Guido Beaner. Has no cause to be concerned about whites becoming a minority. Also no one should be hung up on it because as Humanity interbreeds whites will get darker not lighter, so despite politics and regional issues it is inevitable.

  5. Andres Barr on

    It's pretty common for non native english speakers to adopt words and expressions we hear in music, tv and well… internet memes in general. The N word doesn't hold the same historical meaning in other parts of the world as it does in the US and we're constantly hearing it in basically every top 40 song nowadays. So with all that in mind, I can let that one go for Pewds.

  6. Ryo Bakura on

    PewDiePie admits to being an idiot, so why haven't his subscribers followed suit?
    If anyone shows this to him, I'd just like to say "Hi, Felix. How does it feel to be named after cat food?"


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