Top 10 WWE Wrestling Rivalries


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  1. Giampaolo Fini on

    Am I missing something? Hogan and Macho Man wasn't even on the list. They had some of the greatest matches against each other, greatest promos calling each other out and most memorable storylines with the Ms. Elizabeth thing. They hated each other in real life so much Macho even made a rap diss track calling out Hogan (yes, that really happened). Also, how is Kevin Nash vs. Big Show not on here and how is Undertaker vs. Mankind only a mention?

  2. anuja Jasrotia on

    My list
    1. Triple H vs Undertaker.
    2. Aj styles vs dean ambrose.
    3. Daniel vs miz
    4. Brock lesnar vs roman reigns.
    5. Braun strowman vs roman reigns.
    6. Rock vs stone cold.
    7. Jbl vs eddie guerrero.
    8. Alexa bliss vs ronda rousey.
    9. Seth vs dolph zigler.
    10. Stone cold vs booker t

  3. amirul 0311 on

    10 greatest feuds in wwe history…

    1. Rock vs Austin
    2. Taker vs lesnar
    3. Bret hart vs Hbk
    4. Cena vs Punk
    5. Rock vs Triple h
    6. Hbk vs Taker
    7. Triple vs Hbk
    8. Hogan vs Andre
    9. Cena vs Edge
    10. Daniel bryan vs The miz


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