Top 10 WWE Summerslam Surprises


100 comments on “Top 10 WWE Summerslam Surprises

  1. Santiago Gaviria on

    How can you say the match between Brie and Stephanie wasn’t a good match ? The feud was great and the match as well , I like this channel but come on , this is stupid, don’t consider yourself as a wrestling expert

  2. trelopaoktsaki on

    WWE is not relevant to the world anymore so why u still trying making it? Since The Deaths of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero there is no Relevance to Professional Wrestling! Only the Legends if they return for one fcking match are giving the goosebombs and vibes from the Golden Past! The new Generation is a modulated Circus the only difference there are no animals used and harmed!

  3. David Reyes on

    5:00 how was that shocking? First of all it’s AJ styles who beat him. Not hornswoggle. Secondly John cena was already in a half a decade streak of losses at summerslam. Unpredictable? Yes. But shocking as in I had no words when Cena lost. No.


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