Top 10 Worst Special Effects in TV Shows


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  1. SicParvisMagna123 on

    While not perfect, Merlin definitely got better over time. I mean it started in 2008, CGI for any show didn't look great at that point. The first effects were akin to ITV's Primeval, another British show and competitor, but by 2012 the dragon (and even a few creature shots from 2010) looked a lot more realistic.

  2. Karen Fahel on

    I always took it for granted that British + sci fi = horrible special effects. Anyone who has seen "Blake's 7" or "Red Dwarf" will agree. (Incidentally, I LOVE both of those shows.)

  3. Username on

    I agree with all of them. However, the cheesey special effects on Dr. Who is a big part of it's charm and intentional. Steming from when the show first started in 1960's and had no budget of any kind.

  4. Enshohma on

    8:16 – I would actually disagree with the use of forced perspective in Hercules, an effect that was used to bring to life the show's various humanoid Giants and Titans, as it was the only really good effect the series had compared to the poorly done CGI creatures. It also allowed for said Giants to have real screen time and related personalities which would have been impossible to do had they gone the full-CGI route like the dragons and dinosaurs from elsewhere in the same list.

  5. Shawn Attwells on

    Okay, you wanna talk bad effects on TV shows? Remember the original Dark Shadows series, and when the time came to feature Barnabus Collins' transformation into a vampire after Angelique cursed him? Yeah, I know, it was the late 60's, when this was made, and there was only so much you can do with CSO effects, (Colour Separation Overlay), but still.

  6. DungeonStudio on

    Oh COME ON! How can you not mention Starlost??? Douglas Trumbull coming off of 2001: A Space Odyssey getting to horse around with video effects as the new medium in a Canadian studio. Absolutely HIDEOUS even back in it's day!

  7. Kevin McMahon on

    What about that show on syfy called defiance? Horrible cgi, I remember they also used cgi for a car fishtailing, like why couldn’t they just have had a stunt driver do that instead? Anyone else remember that shit?


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