Top 10 Worst Signature Dishes on Hell’s Kitchen


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  1. Jaegar Ultima on

    Here's the thing you virtually have EVERY recipe book online at your fingertips so there's no way as a starting chef that you can't find the ingredients and preparation of anything from sauces to dishes that take four to eight hours to prep. I've tried homemade tomato sauces, homemade grape jelly it's not that fucking hard to make. I'd say the one thing that takes time/money you wouldn't (for convenience sake) have as a working class person is to make bullion, stock and broth. But being on Hell's kitchen cooking for a world class Chef anything canned and pre-made is a big No-No.

  2. Jean Regala on

    #10 – Holli already won!
    #9 – Worst contestant in S14
    #8 – Jen returned for S18 and yet she got eliminated again over her worst attitude.
    #7 – LaTasha already won!
    #6 – How the heck Coleen had taught at the culinary school? (S5)
    #5 – Raj is psychologically hilarious! Good thing he got eliminated earlier and the worst S8 male chef ever!
    #4 – Good thing Louie got eliminated during the first opening night! (S6)
    #3 – Mike got eliminated earlier haha (S12)
    #2 – Even in black jacket and with little improvements, Matt is one of the worst in S4.
    #1 – Antonia's a BIG JOKE in S8! Good thing she left earlier before the start of first dinner service!

  3. Arnav Biswas on

    This entire show is stupid. Saw a couple of episodes and realised that this show was not for me. Its way too stupid and cringy for me to enjoy. Over the top acting and scripting.
    And are those contestants really cooks? Seriously?? 1 of those losers are actually gonna get a job at 1 of Ramsay's restaurants?? Either this show deliberately makes them act stupid and mess up the food they are cooking or Ramsay's restaurants quality have dipped and they are paying off critics to give them good ratings coz when you have people as terrible as these theres no way 1 restaurant can maintain its Michelin stars.
    And all those diners who come to eat there? Who are they? Coz I'm pretty sure that no one would want to go to a restaurant and pay to eat if it has a reputation of constantly not being able to completely service. So who are those people? Are they paid to be there or something?
    The only people who enjoy sort of shit are those who enjoy watching shows like the Kardashians.

  4. S C on

    Every season on Hell’s Kitchen… “it is five hours into dinner service, and no one has eaten so much as a breadstick”


  5. Pierre-Marc Paré on

    Wow. I just happen to be in the middle of watching season 13 at the moment. That's the only season I haven't finished watching yet. Thanks for the spoiler at #7 (La Tasha winning the season) without calling a spoiler alert.

  6. Johannes He on

    One thing I can really respect about Gordon Ramsay: he cusses when and where he wants, but never directly at a person. When he says f**k, shot etc, it's never aimed at a person directly. He reserves words like idiot, donkey etc. for roasting people.


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