Top 10 Worst Anime Titles (ft. Todd Haberkorn)


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  1. Vasyl Park on

    You leave legend of the legendary heroes alone I would have completely skipped over that if not for the interesting title. It's well know among my friends that I prefer to watch anime with interesting titles, such as "is it wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon" dont you dare make a second video criticizing that show either.

  2. PikachuJackskeling94 on

    #6 May have a LONG as name but I can stand by the statement that itโ€™s a good show. Some of the decisions heโ€™s faced with are so terrible but so funny. Like in that clip he has to choose between sniffing a dirty magazine in public or something else just as horrible. (Also this is japan so remember they are kinda conservative despite their anime)

  3. TheFieryNinja on

    I came for Todd. I actually ended up getting a fairy tail poster signed by him last year at Youmacon. He's a good man he spent
    Stopped the signing for a bit because a girl who drove 8 hours to come see him and was a huge fan couldn't make it and was devastated because they wouldn't allow her to enter. He made a little video and posted it on social media for her to come back. She ended up coming like 10 mins later and stopped signing to say she came and everyone ended up cheering. He took a very close photo with her and signed multiple of her things. She was extremely happy about it. He's a good man.


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