Top 10 Worst Anime Titles (ft. Todd Haberkorn)


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  1. UrLife on

    I don't get the strawberry eggs part, but, basically, as far as I get it, "I, My, Me" hides another Japanese word. If you take out the small kana in the name, you get "amami" (あまみ・甘味), meaning "sweetness" or "sweet taste", and adding the small いs just so happens to make English pronouns out of the word. So without the "Strawberry Eggs" that name is actually quite clever.

  2. Roxan _ on

    #7 “I My Me” is probably suppose to be a reference to the main character cross dressing. Likely the Japanese name is just three different ways to say “I” (there are like 27 ways to say “I” in Japanese) with each one switching between what gender each word refers to. And was just translated to I My Me in English instead of “I I I”

  3. BlackHeart on

    I am here because I heard Symphogear made this list.
    I'll agree the title isn't anything to be proud of, but hey, at least the show is amazing.
    I'm just more surprised that a show with virtually zero western attention would even be discovered by Watch Mojo…..

  4. Addie on

    im not a weeaboo and i know that anime is not famous in western country but i guess you haven't watch entire symphogear series huh… every quotes of each season (from season 1 until season 4 which is symphogear AXZ) have its own meaning. try to watch it first before judging it.


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