Top 10 Wiz Khalifa Songs


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  1. Mitko Prestige on

    Top 5 with Wiz Khalifa and the reason why..

    1. Mezmorized – the beat and his flow.
    2. The race – relax my mind.
    3. B ok – his honesty in the lyrics.
    4. Old Chanel – unique sound.
    5. Paper bond – the beat is fire

  2. J 2213 on

    Anything from Taylor allderdice…California n I really love Mia Wallace n the grinder, brainstorm cuZ that beat is too groovy
    Kush n oj kid Frankie, never been
    Burn after rolling, paperbond, rooftops shit throw some how fly in there and my list already better
    Real Taylor gang shit

  3. Sergio Ruiz on

    Where da fuck is Gang Bang prod by lex Luger and decisions prod by TM88, both songs are way better than this list, only commercial songs are in the list🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  4. itzdat1k1d DaBawzzz on

    Just about the list I predicted Mojo would come up with. MOSTLY his most commercial songs and I knew Black & Yellow was gonna be #1 before even watching the video. It's a great song, don't get me wrong, but it's overplayed and isn't near his best imo. None of these are bad songs (Wiz doesn't really have many of those lol) but not that great of a list to me. I know I and I'm sure plenty of other Wiz fans out there could post a top 10 Khalifa song list that would blow this one out of the water. I will say it was nice they did mention a few of his older songs, but overall not an impressive list.

  5. Peter Perez on

    rolling papers = my whole middle school years . will always cherish that album love ya wiz
    1. The Race
    2. The Plan .
    3. When Im Gone
    4.When You Find
    5. The Thrill.
    7. Roll up
    8.I Still remember
    9.Very Special
    10.Never Been

  6. Eduardo Roque on

    This list is disrespectful. So your saying all his good songs are what you hear on the radio? Here’s a real top 10
    10. Poppin Rubberbands
    9.Star Power
    8.This Plane
    7.The Race
    6.Cabin Fever
    5.Gang bang
    3.Pull up
    2.Never been


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