Top 10 Video Game Moments Where The Hero Couldn’t Have Survived


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  1. Whitney Asante on

    You're not including Tekken 4 with Kazuya surviving an almost 20 year lava bath because fans wanted their OG demonic Mishima? And what about Ryu Hayabusa surviving Doku's first near bifurcation of his body in Ninja Gaiden Black/Sigma? Technically there's also Cloud in FF7 when he fell into the life stream like twice. Him falling off of the Mako reactor into the church. When him and Tifa fell when they were little and he only got by with scraped knees. Fighting Sephiroth and getting impaled. Shadow and Sonic both surviving long distance falls at various times. Sometimes from orbit(from Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 & Sonic Unleashed).

  2. Ray on

    No mention of Joel from the last of us?
    I mean getting fully impelled by a rusty piece of rebar, bleeding out for a couple hours, with possibly no blood transfusion, and then just not being dead after that is amazing

  3. Perfect Cell on

    sorry but bullshit list people can and have survived from head shots it isn't grantee kill but it is like 95% a knife to the chest isn't instantly fetal ether ffs learn basic human anatomy the human body in the real world is actually quite durable and anyone who has actually served would agree a knife to the chest isn't going to just put a good warrior down unless it's straight trough his heart

  4. go commit uninstall life on

    Also in Halo when your armours shield strength also somehow heals the damage you go through when the shields are down. Like if you were constantly shot with an smg but just enough so you won’t die, but wait until your shields come back up, if your shields go back down you could go through the same amount of bullets. You could have a million bullets inside Chief and he still wouldn’t die, this is what makes Legendary easy if you take your time

  5. senpai sama on

    You can actually survive getting shot in the head but your head will be a bit disfigured. Number 9 is also possible. I mean i heard a woman fell 1000 feet and survived. The only issue is that he didn’t took any injuries from it…

  6. TheBritishWolf on

    Just gonna point out a few that might be possible:
    Max Payne, cos people in reality have survived headshots before.
    Tekken, cos they have devil blood. Kazuya himself was thrown into a bottomless ravine and the entire family constantly try to kill eachother. Nobody really knows much about their cursed bloodline (though I think some people do and underestimate it).
    Portal, because Chell wasn't out in the depths of space too long…. Maybe…. <.<

    There's a few others I could argue, like COD and the knife, but they're more "maybe if" and not something I can back up with logic or lore.

  7. irina1296 on

    That's why Uncharted, Mortal Kombat, Horizon Zero Dawn (plus Dead Space, Prince of Persia, Gears of War) are so entertaining and fun to play. They don't have to be realistic. We have enough realism in real life

  8. Cameron Vandenhoff on

    Speaking of falling off a cliff, Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed after being betrayed (again) by Vader at the Rebel meeting.
    Speaking of shot in the head, the player character in Fallout : New Vegas.

  9. Coolmusicplaylist on

    I totally agree with #1.
    The Uncharted one is probably the only one that would be possible to survive due to will and either survive or die instincts. The rest are pretty far fetched ESPECIALLY 1.

  10. MoonSpirit on

    Don't scoff at BJ's decapitation. He once cut off a tattooed tag number of his flesh with just a knife during a mission in space, and carries on like it was nothing. He's BJ, and don't you forget why!


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