Top 10 Unsolved Video Game Mysteries


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  1. SIJ Jinxx on

    So I get 99% of people hated COD Ghost but there was still a huge cliffhanger caused by the massive backlash against the first game. It still deserved a spot on here

  2. CerryCeeer on

    You‘ve chosen how pokemons live in pokeballs instead all unsolved misteries in main games, like the “you are not the chosen one” from XY or unova’s ruins.. i really don’t agree..

  3. Matthew Theobald on

    I always thought Pokemon were dematerialized and converted to data and stored inside the poke ball. Then rematerilized again when called. So basically every time Ash returns his Pokemon he's essentially killing it and then creating a clone later.

  4. SupermarketSweep777 on

    The Swordquest stone and sword were likely melted down as their ownership was under The Franklin Mint. I've read the crown was given away in secret after 8 player competed for it. Due to legal reasons the contest had to be run.

  5. TanGab on

    Well matpat already solved who gaster is and also the g man as well and also after years of debating what’s inside a Pokémon it took super smash bro’s melee and brawl to set the record straight according to their trophy information for the Pokémon item “These ball are used to capture and contain wild Pokemon. Most Pokemon must be weakened in some way before they can be captured. but once they’re inside a Pokémon. they enjoy their new home since poke balls contain an environment specially designed for Pokemon comfort. Master balls are the strongest type” so here you go everybody now you know what’s inside a poke ball.


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