Top 10 Unsettling Cartoon Moments on TV


100 comments on “Top 10 Unsettling Cartoon Moments on TV

  1. midnightkitsume on

    I cried when X28 died, all he wanted was his beloved dog back, the worst part is when they showed it on toonami I broke down because my Chihuahua had just past on the day before. Her name was Luna Blue Chicka and we called her lulu all the time. BY Loki's chains I'm balling because I miss her so least she pasted on laying next to me in her favorite spot. But I will Never forget asking up with her lifeless body next to me…Rest In Peace my Luna puppy,I miss you.

  2. T@wesomE on

    Those today's adult cartoons are somewhat evil in representing harsh reality facts here and there.It is to you if you have the stomach to endure the things you can see in an animated show such as rick & morty,i love this series because has allot of crude humor and nostalgia facts here and there.But i don't like the approach that rick is a man that refuses god and that this is it and nothing else existing besides aliens and weird worlds with butts!


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