Top 10 Unhealthiest American Presidents Ever


100 comments on “Top 10 Unhealthiest American Presidents Ever

  1. Katie Sims on

    Taft? Hell people considered him a very unhealthy person due to his obesity. He even got stuck in the White House bathtub bathing! FDR should’ve also been on this list considering he suffered from poliomyelitis or just polio which made him paralyzed from the waist down. Sadly FDR didn’t live to see polio vaccine which prevents it.

  2. Marinus Ladegast on

    I wonder why George Washington isn't mentioned. He should probably top the list. His teeth problems have become legendary, and the poor lad also suffered from malaria, small pox, tubercolosis, diphteria, pneumonia and one gazillion other diseases …

  3. Dean M on

    JFK also had chronic back pain mostly from when he was in the Navy. When he was assassinated he was wearing a back brace, which was why he couldn't duck for cover.

  4. Mason Kraft on

    What about Franklin Delano Roosevelt? He was sick with polio at age 39 which resulted in him being half paralyzed in his legs. He had to spend most of his life in a wheelchair. Then in 1945 he died from a cerebral hemorrhage


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