Top 10 Underrated Horror Movie Villains


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  1. Mighty Go-Go Guano on

    It's bizarre just how underrated Black Christmas is. It not only set up a lot of popular slasher tropes, but also served as influence for huge slashers like Halloween and Scream. I also think Lola Stone is a fucking terrifying villain, not only does she inflict something worse than death on her victims, but she's like a fusion of Annie Wilkes, Carrie White, and Asami from Audition.

  2. Wild Mutt on

    At first when I thought of candyman I completely thought of a monster made of candy and I was little but now I know that it’s a guy with a hook and bees in his body ugh

  3. Somebody stop me! on

    Nah the guy from Hush is garbage, kinda ruined the whole movie for me. I get the whole subverting expectations by taking his mask off really early but it kinda backfired cus it meant I had to stare at his smug shit eating face for the whole thing. He's not a villain who is enjoyable to watch despite being evil, he's just a villain you hate full stop. The kind of character you want dead after five minuets of meeting him, just unpleasant to watch.

  4. Saleem Frazer on

    Black Christmas will forever be one of the greatest slasher films of all times paving the way for suspense driven classics like Halloween which without a doubt took inspiration from it. The opening scene of Black Christmas and Halloween are actually identical to an extent. Seriously, people need to check out Black Christmas. It's absolutely chilling and it's up there in quality with the likes of Hichcock's Psycho.

  5. Gordon Hatherley on

    I'm going to name a lesser-known indie film.
    Nine Dead
    And I will bet that most of the ones that saw it will think that I am talking about Shooter (the masked kidnapper/killer).
    No. I say Kelley Murphy. She is the x-factor that helped tie the tragic fortunes of the characters, including Shooter, together. Her avarice, greed, and lack of human sympathy destroys the lives everyone around her.
    Her toxic, take-at-all-costs mentality is truly disturbing.
    If you haven't seen it, I recommend renting or buying it from Amazon Prime.


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