Top 10 Travis Scott Songs


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  1. LngVlogs on

    My opinion tell me if U agree

    1. Nightcrawler
    2. Pick up the phone
    3. 90210
    4. Antidote
    5. Mamacita
    6. Oh my dis side
    7. Can’t say
    8. Drugs you should try it
    9. Who? what!
    10. Pornography

  2. Wolves777 on

    Why can't people just stfu about the list? holy shit.If you don't agree with it then make your own. Chances are there will be someone who will also shit on yours either way because of their different opinions

  3. Griffin Coleman on

    For me:

    1. Coordinate ( I know I’m crazy this song just speaks to me )
    2. Drugs you should try it
    3. God Level
    4. SDP Interlude with OG verses
    5. Green & Purple
    7. Quintana pt.
    8. Backyard
    9. Never Catch Me
    10. Sweet Sweet


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