Top 10 Times WWE Wrestlers Broke Character


100 comments on “Top 10 Times WWE Wrestlers Broke Character

  1. RainKing on

    CM Punk didn't break character, he was about to enter a feud with Triple H that would lead to a match at WrestleMania 30, but it never happened because he walked out after the Royal Rumble.

  2. Melicore on

    The miz was supposed to wrestle jerry the king lawler at a ppv but before the ppv Jerry lawler lost his mother and was apperently not at ringside when the miz gave his promo starting by saying how jerry wasnt here and without the smirk laughing or redicule he stood in the middle of the ring and said "from the buttom of my heart: my deeb sincere condolences" after witch he jumped straight back into his role again but that moment gave a even larger respect for the miz.

  3. Jordan Cantwell on

    McMahon screwed The Hitman. Hart can't be blamed for wanting to go out with dignity and respect. The man was very classy and, by all accounts, a great wrestler. He didn't deserve for Vince to disrespect him like that.


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