Top 10 Times Anime Characters Hit Rock Bottom


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  1. Lumi Olivier on

    I'm kind of shocked there's no Welcome to the NHK on this list…Sato was nothing but rock bottom. ESPECIALLY with the last episode! Mother of God, I still have a hard time rewatching it to this day.

  2. Jake Steeves on

    Yeah, the Shinji hospital scene is only the beginning of him hitting rock bottom, in a movie about someone literally being driven to insanity this seems an odd choice. Like yeah its the most fucked up thing he does but he's at least aware enough to realize it. The absolute lowest is the entire climax of the movie you literally cannot get lower than that.

  3. Tommy Smith on

    Lets not forget the events that led Hei to where he was in GotM and the fact the "groaping" of a underage girl he thought it was her brother not her and he was looking for an item from her father he didn't just wake up with a hankering for a young girl =.=

  4. Star Platinum on

    Hasegawa really deserves no.1 only you'll understand if you watch Gintama and might be Gintoki maybe no.1 since he was born in a battlefield full of corpses,raised by his master and get captured,burned down their Dojo and home,fought in a Brutal war and lost his comrades and childhood friends in battle,killed hid own Master by his hands,he's friends takasugi hated him and lost his trust for killing shoyo sensei,get tortured for 2 weeks without water and food,escaped the prison,wandered in the cementary and brought in by Otose the landlady and he still fighting in his life and later found out that his master was resurrected and thus born utsuro Gintoki's life is hell despair and pain just like guts

  5. Liz on

    I think Kousei from Your Lie in April should be on this, after all the anime itself is about him regaining his confidence with some help from Kaori.

  6. Sanane on

    Hoooly shit I watched darker than black on netflix and it only had the first season so I didnt even fucking know there was a second season
    (Is it good though?)

  7. Aayush Chandrakar on

    Shuuuuu. But not Kaneki. It would have been bad if Kaneki was in the list because he was always suffering even as Haise.

    As Roma said :- Kaneki is always beautiful when he is writhing in pain and tragedy.

  8. Klark Mathers on

    To qoute a very good answer about kiritsuge emiya wish "Because the grail though sentient, is not omniscient or omnipotent. It could neither perform high-level sorcery, nor could it arrive at a method to fulfill his desire. To fulfill his wish, Kiritsuge had to explain a method or means to the grail for it to expend its energy and make his wish come true. Kiritsuge obviously did not know how to end war and create eternal peace, and this is why he had hoped to use the Grail. The Grail instead decided to use the crude method that Kiritsuge himself had adopted during his life to reduce bloodshed and told him that that was the only viable way (for the grail) to reduce bloodshed.
    Kiritsuge had been feeling the burden of guilt all his life for the deaths he was responsible for. When he found out about the Holy Grail War, it was like a ray of hope that might actually help atone for his sins. So his realisation that the Grail won't actually fix the problem in any realistic way, but only add to his guilt tenfold, made him take that decision.
    And finally, he also realised that the Grail wasn't to be trusted. It had tried to lure him into using it by using illusory versions of Iri and Ilyasveil – almost coaxing him to make the wish, a wish that will only lead to more deaths. This settled it for Kiritsuge, that nobody should get the Grail. " credit to Mr rao


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