Top 10 Times American Dad Went Too Far


100 comments on “Top 10 Times American Dad Went Too Far

  1. rachel murray on

    I don't think any of these went to far, if you are easily offended then of course family guy and American dad will get to you. I'm a thoughtful person and hate racism and sexism but I really enjoy family guy and American dad, I watch both pretty much every night and I've never been seriously offended by them, I know Stan is a misogynistic jerk at times but that is part of what makes him funny, because what he says is so stupid and narrow minded and in the episode he kidnaps Greg and Terry's baby he does actually learn a lesson. Seth Mcfarlane is good at this sort of thing yes sometimes it may seem he's gone a little far like with the Herbert character but he never says or shows being an evil sick or bad person is a good thing.

  2. T Bone on

    Did you say Stan has oldworld views? Just because you don't think it's necessary to groom yourself and be sanitary and healthy doesn't make it an oldworld view. Francine isn't healthy in #9 on this episode. I would never want my wife to get overweight to that level because I want her to live a long life. You think it's sexist for men and women to want their spouse to be healthy? Lol.

    Are you serious? The episode where Little Stan murders his mothers dates is hilarious. "When she took them out, I took them out."

    Stan of Arabia part 1 and 2 are some of the best episodes of the entire series and I bet most people would agree with me on that. They exemplify American Dad in many ways as does Camp Refugee. Saudi Arabia sucks and so does China (of course they're amazing beautiful and wonderful places but the governments and such have made them suck, other than that they're fine), you know about 7 billion people want to live in the USA for a reason.

  3. Erik Andersson on

    A cartoon, made by the left- meant to ridicule and offend the right, using an over the top moronic right wing character… still manages to offend the left all the while being shrugged of by the right.

  4. lexi chaos] on

    american dad and south park win smartest cartoon award imo. they offend equally, and lessons are (mostly) taught throughout. stan is not a total ass like peter griffin, for example. he does learn, they have evolved him from the outward homophobe and racist in the early series. does it make him forgivable? hell no, but francine makes up for his faults in general. lois isn't a strog enough character / too irritating to balance out her awul husband


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