Top 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mr. Rogers


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  1. Nazmo King on

    Who knows how many children's lives he turned around single-handedly. A hero to children and parents alike – taught us how to parent in the process of loving these children. God Bless you Fred Rogers wherever you are!

  2. Morgil on

    I read that he enjoyed the Eddie Murphy SNL spoof of him, but despised a Burger King ad that also parodied him. The reasoning being that SNL aired late at night and was mainly watched by adults, whereas the Burger King ad was clearly aimed at young impressionable children who may not know the difference between it and the real Mr. Rodgers.
    So basically, he was fine with people making jokes at his expense, as long as the kids weren't involved.

  3. ComicgeddonTV on

    Actually he did NOT play the character you stated in Dr. Quinn… He actually played the regular pastor's mentor very briefly. The regular pastor was the one who risked his church. Mr. Rogers' role actually only lasted about 3 minutes at the very end of the episode and he actually just played an alternate version of himself.

  4. ggn3 on

    11. He sued the KKK and won after they had an impersonator impersonate him for their recruitment campaign aimed toward young children.
    12. While being the dark, seedy underbelly of the Internet, 4chan won't say anything bad about Mr. Rogers and they will immediately ban anyone who dares do so on their site.

  5. peter krug on

    I have NO idea if this is true or not, but a friend of mine told me that prior to becoming a childrens show host, he served in the American armed forces. Can anyone definitively confirm or deny this?

    By the way, I'm REALLY glad there was never any horrible secret about him revealed (like with Bill Cosby) Fred Rogers, it seemed, really was the wholesome saintly type he appeared to be.

  6. Garrett Brown on

    Mr Roger's was also a decorated navy seal during WWII with about 50 kills under his belt which makes it even more amazing that he went into children's television almost immediately after the war. He truly was a great guy.

  7. Haohmaru HL on

    The only reason i even recognize him is because of the meme gif where he flips children off. Unlike most other murican media being popular abroad no one knows about this guy

  8. Daniel Campbell on

    I think it was amazing that, even though he was a minister, he promoted love and equality for gay rights. The guy who played the mailman was gay and black, but Rogers always did his best to make him feel loved and welcome.

  9. kchishol1970 on

    I wish you could have mentioned how Rogers developed a precursor to his PBS in Canada on the CBC. Furthermore, when he decided to return to the US, his understudy, Ernie Coombs decided to stay and created his own TV show that became Canada's own iconic children's TV show, Mr. Dressup.

  10. Joshua DiMaggio on

    Mr Rogers was also a Military Bad Ass he served in the Navy was just short of what we Know as a Navy Seal this kind loving soul could carry a big stick his weight was always 1 4 3 because of the letters I LOVE YOU and on The first Day of Spring in March 20th 1978 He was 43 the county Music Singer Jerry Reed was 41 and me I was born on his birthday We miss you Mr Rogers

  11. sheepwolf2004 on

    I never got to meet mr rogers, but I did get to meet david newell (mr mcfeeley) on September 20,1986. he did a show at loussac library in anchorage, Alaska that day and he had purple panda and donkey hodey with him and my mom got to help out with the show. she even got an autographed picture of david newell. my mom, sister and I got to go in the dressing room david used at the library and I asked him if my gizmo doll could wear his glasses and he said gizmo could wear his glasses. gizmo looked so cute wearing the glasses and I wonder if david ever told mr rogers about that


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