Top 10 Things You Never Knew About The Office


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  1. Per Shop on

    I like the Jim and Pam romance story because that is how some romances go — people date, they get married, they have children, over 7 or 10 years of their life. Not as much like Ross and Rachel who normally should have broken up and stayed broken up, not get back together and then break up again and again, over another set of 10 years (ie, this is done for ratings, not for the plot of character development).

  2. James Panzo on

    -In real life, Angela was Paul Lieberstein's (Toby) sister in law, once married to his brother, Warren Lieberstein.

    -Michael Shur (Mose) is the son in law of Regis Philbin.

    Until the arrival of Elie Kemper, (Erin), John Krazinski was the youngest cast regular member.


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