Top 10 Things That Should Be Free in the Future


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  1. Steven McCurley on

    I have never unsubscribed from anyone so fast like did you even logically think about this list you made I’m 14 and even I can see that everything on this list will never be free and even if it did become free it would be a burden for people working these jobs for the professors they would be working without getting paid so then they have to get a second job Fck you and don’t even get me started with the whole free healthcare bullshit

  2. high on

    So many idiots in this comment section oh my god. It's not "communism" or "socialism" to have programs funded by government tax money. We have public parks, libraries, roads, medicare, etc. Obviously it's ridiculous to fund everything with tax money because no one would take any income home, but it's not unreasonable BY ANY MEANS to have a single-payer healthcare system or cheap college. It has literally been done in multiple countries already.

  3. Houssem Ben Abdallah on

    For all those people who said nothing is free !! no one of you thought of full automation for the means of production ?
    We are no longer in 20th century when everything are made by humans. So, stop worrying about taxes.

    But, I'm still pessimistic because I'm sure that the elite doesn't allow it to happen and they prefer keeping common people running in their hamster wheels.

  4. thickskeleton on

    This might be a slightly controversial comment but I don't think college should be free first of all you would be paying all of it back in taxes money doesn't come out of thin air what if you don't want to go to college you still have to pay the taxes

  5. DerekMegaTime on

    Wow I can’t unsubscribe fast enough. I can’t tell if this is supposed to be an ironic gag or if they honestly believe declaring something free magically produces more of it without costs.

  6. Iron Master on

    You guys don't understand, sure I kind of Understand the College thing but that means everyone can get in. Colleges are the steps that people should choose. I'd say it should be cheaper but do you wonder what the college does with that money? Pays the Teachers and makes the school better. If it was free, you would see time wasted on kids who didn't want to go to college forced in by their Parents.

  7. Adam Hovey on

    I got a list for y'all, how about, top 10 videos WatchMojo regrets making? I'm so sick of them saying how much better Canada is than the United States, really? If that were the case, why does the United States have a much larger population, a larger immigrant population, although not a higher percentage, and, this is going to hurt most of all, better food. Sorry, it's true. That being said, there are a lot of good things about Canada. It's a beautiful country, there are many people from there that are very friendly. WatchMojo, should focus on that. If I recall correctly, Montreal is where WatchMojo is based, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that not every quebecois agrees with them. Canada has a lot of good things, and a lot of things they should be thankful for, but their government, and their style of politics, is not one of those things. Also, how can Canada claim to be an independent country, when it's still ruled by a foreign monarch?

  8. Isaac on

    Birth Controll isn't a right
    College isn't a right
    Healthcare is not a right
    If you want to debate me please do @America_is_the_best_USA on Instagram

  9. Jem Marti on

    $121 a month for public transport? I'm sure it would still be cheaper than paying for the gas and maintenance of a car. The reason people don't go for public transport is because it's unreliable.

  10. redpanda416 on

    There is free birth control everywhere in the world, it's called "pulling out". Yeah I know it doesn't work 100% of the time, but hey "free" stuff are normally not the best either, so practice and get good. Also anal sex is another alternative 😀

  11. Marios on

    It can't be free because then who would work ??? If nobody worked then western societies would collapse just like the Wall of Berlin did years ago for the same reason.Maybe if the cost was significantly reduced or the governments had more control over those services but that's just my assumption.In my opinion if everything was extremely low in cost including the above then there would not be any problem since it would be affordable for everyone also If alternatives were avaliable then there would be no problem at all


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