Top 10 Things Stephen King Ruined for Us


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  1. Autum Breeze on

    Ha! Sorry, but King ain't the one who ruined clowns for everyone. It was the many creepy ass mother fuckers who went around in clown costumes scaring the crap out of or murdering/attempting to murder people.

    Beyond IT featuring a killer clown in his story and maybe unintentionally giving them the inspiration, King wasn't the one who ruined clowns for everyone.

  2. SwiftTelly20 on

    I never liked clowns, they have always been creepy to me so that shouldn't be on this list in my opinion. Cell phones turning people into crazy zombies it just stupid. Haunted/possessed/evil cars is impossible to believe in, so that is not weird nor has it ruined cars for me. Kids can be weird or creepy in real life, it should be expected since they are developing as human beings/coming into their own personality. The prom one is dumb. Pets only go "bad" cuz of the people that are around them or cared for or in some cases mistreated, I feel sorry for animals that are abused, unlike people who I couldn't give a shit about. Basically, I think this list is dumb and stupid. If you get sucked into believing fictional worlds like these, then you need a reality check as there could be something wrong with you.

  3. Pablo M. on

    Stephen King kinda ruined Stephen King for me after learning about the kiddie gangbang moment in IT. Nothing he wrote or will write will ever make more uncomfortable than thinking a grown ass man wrote that. So glad the directors of both adaptations had the common sense of not touching on that moment.


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