Top 10 Surprisingly Dangerous Things You Have in Your Home


100 comments on “Top 10 Surprisingly Dangerous Things You Have in Your Home

  1. IDM GAMING on

    So to stay alive, I just have to get rid of all my possessions and live in the forest naked…..

    Oh wait it’s been proven that trees cause cancer, hiv and Ebola. Guess I’m screwed

  2. Daniel Asher on

    Zzz what a ton of crap more chance of harm from breathing air outside. The only 1 I agree with is the tumble dryer but if you don't empty the lint filter after every use it's your fault you burned to death.

  3. Robert Ofenloch on

    "A dull knife is a dangerous one." Then you tell us to regularly sharpen them, so it becomes even MORE easier to slice and cut things. Yeah, that seems safe. Also, this list said SURPRISINGLY dangerous things. Neither knives nor chemical cleaners are surprisingly dangerous.

  4. Scott on

    Heated blankets are so pathetic now. I bought a Sunbeam blanket a couple of years ago and from day one, even on the highest setting, I could not feel any heat. Turns out new ones are made to not get nearly as warm as older ones.


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