Top 10 Summer Signings in Sports History


72 comments on “Top 10 Summer Signings in Sports History

  1. André Faria on

    Ronaldo still hasnt proved in Juventus.
    Ronaldo to Real yes
    Neymar Also did not made shit with psg.

    Neymar shouldnt be there, and u got the wrong Ronaldo transfer .
    Rest i dont know, dont watch anything else

  2. Kibbit on

    Ronaldo should have been number 1 you American dick heads. He is the biggest name of sport ever, having the most social media followers of all people in the world ( facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.) ( still worse than Messi )

  3. Joshua Wardle on

    This whole channel is so ridiculously biased towards American stuff, no one actually cares about shit American sports no one outside of America watches. Actual football transfers should fill this whole list

  4. Yaroslav Lobyntsev on

    Neymar on the second place?Are u lost ur goddamn mind?Ligue 1 is a league without any real contender,except juggernaut in PSG.They won’t win anything on european arena since they are too weak for it,but they would win local championship every year even if he was not on the team

  5. Adérito Moisés Manhiça on

    Hahahaha Ronaldo to Real Madrid should be nº 1… The guys from WatchMojo did a very bad job here… Did they ever heard of the Galácticos signings from Real Madrid? Ronaldo to Real had even the Pope and some country presidents talking about the transfer at the time…

  6. u_t_o_ p_i_a on

    lol look at all the soccer fanboys here XD Go watch some European watchmojo channel. if you can''t appreciate other sports then go somewhere else . No one is forcing you to watch this video.

  7. Łukasz Zuchowicz on

    I don't get it. What is this ranking based on? You got Lebron for Heat 1st because it made more impact on the league than his signings with Cavs and Lakers which is 100% true but you denied yourself completely with Ronaldo. How is his signing with Juventus better than one with Real? He played one game in Italy, when in Madrid he won multiple trophies and is their best scorer ever.


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