Top 10 Stupidest Ways TV Shows Killed Off Characters


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  1. atimnie on

    Number 1 was stupid. So what if the fire was caused by a faulty crock pot, that doesn't make the death any less tragic. If anything, it makes it more tragic, that you could die from something so mundane. That, plus the Buffy bullshit, makes me question if I want to stay subscribed to this channel.

  2. Matthew Rosenthal on

    How is Tasha Yar from STNG only a dishonorable mention? There isn’t a stupider more pointless death in the history of TV. The only thing worse is the convoluted way they brought the actress back when she realized she screwed up.

  3. irina1296 on

    I really hate what they did to Cordelia (Angel), Tara (True Blood) and Romano (ER). I'd add Zhaan (Farscape), Lucy (ER), Mike (Desperate Housewives), Tosh and Owen (Torchwood), Lily (The 4400), Hector (The Unit), Bobby (Melrose Place), Madeline (La Femme Nikita), Veronica (Prison Break), Stephanie (Baywatch), Zev (Lexx), Emma (Mutant X), Andrea (Ghost Whisperer), Maeve (The Adventures of Sinbad), Xena (Xena), Rita (Dexter), Taja and Siro (Mortal Kombat Conquest), Maureen (Painkiller Jane)

  4. cheynedogg on

    Tara's death was executed perfectly. She died in a shocking and mundane way just like the real world. Willow had dealt with an addiction(magic) the entire season and seemed to be finally out of the woods and then a personal tragedy happened and she plummeted into her addiction again. I was shocked and saddened when I watched it the first time but I understood why it happened. It also gave us Dark Willow which had been hinted at for multiple seasons.

  5. Will Joseph on

    When the Sand Snakes kill Doran Martell and son, that was very stupid… That does not happen in the books and it was very very stupid.
    Oberyn Martell died trying to avenge his sister (Elia Martell) for being raped and killed by The Mountain during "The Sacking of King's Landing", that is why he chose to fight for Tyrion Lannister. Therefore the Sand Sisters wanted to avenge Oberyn and to do that they kill the rest of the Martells, heirs included??.. Good way to avenge Oberyn Martell by making the Martells disappear!

  6. cheynedogg on

    You guys failed pretty hard on the Cordelia Chase death. Only died on Angel not Buffy. She died in a coma but the Powers That Be gave her one last thing to do. Get Angel back on track since he had lost his way. Did you guys even watch the show?

  7. Nx57ytre on

    Ok, first of all, ER had already had a black humor moment at times, so the death of Robert Romano was maybe something overkill but not so out of place. In addition, the subject was played by Paul McCrane, which makes me think that his exaggerated death was a reference to the fate that Emil had in Robocop.
    And as for Jack, I did not see anything about his death. It was an accident that could happen to anyone and the series did well to show the small circumstances that caused it. Is there really a clever way to set a house on fire? Honestly, I'd be angry that his death turned out to be provoked by a criminal or something.

  8. Rn Tn on

    I know ppl won’t believe it but I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. Is it worth it? I hear ppl talking about it all the time. I’ve just never started it.

  9. binbix1 on

    I wouldn’t really consider Stannis’s death to be stupid. Maybe just stupid reasoning why his character was killed. I feel like Jogen’s death was more stupid

  10. Jessica E. on

    Tara's death was awesome. It was unexpected, shocking and because she didn't die by the hands of some demon or vampire it seemed all the more tragic. Also I don't see why the death in "Downtown Abbey" is bad. I haven't seen the show yet, but what's wrong with dying in a car crash? Death doesn't always have to have a purpose or make sense, even in a TV show. The death in "This is us" doesn't seem silly at all either.

    Worst fail: Cordelia didn't die.

    To me that's a rather pointless list. The only one I really agree with is Charlie from "Two and a Half Man" and I'm not sure about "Grey's Anatomy", I've never seen the show and don't know the full scene.

  11. mywalkbyfaith on

    I was a lot more okay with how Stannis went than how they killed off Littlefinger. He was a total conniving badass for six seasons, then they're just like "Meh, time for Littlefinger to die, let's drop his IQ down by like 100. We don't want to have to figure out how Sansa actuall outsmarts him in a way that shows how she's learned and grown since season 1." Totally underwhelming.

  12. Nicholas Mackie on

    The pointless end to Stannis’s death was part of the tragedy. Even though he was my favourite character, the show made his demise perfect. The reason why he was killed off was because his story didn’t really fit in the show anymore. In the books, he will play a much larger books. I think that a big chunk of jon snow’s plot from the show will be given to stannis and i’m happy for it.

  13. prince apoopoo on

    It's so obvious that Benioff and Weiss didn't even care about Stannis. Not only is all the nuance of his counterpart in the novels gone, but they just decided to fizzle out his timeline at the expense of some of Brienne's characterisation.

  14. Ciari Green on

    I’m not a Greys Anatomy fan. But McDreamy’s death was so stupid. He was as supposed to be a brilliant Dr, but stops his car in the middle of the road to hunt for his cell phone? Didn’t make sense🤨


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