Top 10 Strongest Teams in Anime


100 comments on “Top 10 Strongest Teams in Anime

  1. GameBeast on

    Where's Team Gon from Hunter x Hunter?? One of their members alone was able to take out some of the Phantom Troupe (That was Karapake btw) and Gien and all the other adults were CRAZY powerful, and Killua with the Godspeed!!!

  2. Victor Okunade on

    Wait so you're saying that Team 7 the team that can teleport and stop time(Sasuke) Survive a blast that destroyed the moon(Naruto) a person that could Dodge any attackes (Kakashi) and a person that can spam heal you (uselessness) and don't forget they have two members that are part alien isn't stronger than the seven deadly sins?😑

  3. Laoinos on

    The only reason why Squad 7 is good is because Sasuke has the sharingan Naruto has the nine tailed fox and Sakura punches Naruto just like how might guy punches Rock Lee


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