Top 10 Stories That Inspired the Marvel Cinematic Universe


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  1. Harkness78 on

    They will probably do Secret Invasion coming up, as well as Secret Wars. I hope they can do female Thor arc minus Malekith, and a version of Dark Reign/Dark Avengers would be great but they would need to build up the villains first.
    Here is hoping they can integrate the X-Men cleanly, so we can have several arcs that then build up to House of M.

  2. manthan mehta on

    They were inspired to create a legacy
    To create something that when assembled together would win people's heart such as to make them realize that being a superhero is not about powers or gadgets
    But they are the ones that will put their life on the line to save other people's live and the wit and will
    To stand up to bullies and tough situations while looking them in the eye and saying not today they would rather die trying then to give up and even coming up top by putting aside all their differences to fight as a team so that they can solve the problems and threats that endanger humanity and pose a threat
    Because that's what heroes do
    This is what MCU has taught me
    And yes come at me I'm a fanboy for believing in a pure and an idea created and run by the fans

  3. Lightning H8 on

    You know I respect the mcu but I hate it when some people act as if they know all the stuff in the MCU and tell me. A comic book reader. That the comic books are worthless and unneeded and that characters such as for example Black Panther (Before the movie came out) will not be in the Mcu because he is stupid but when it came out they act as if they know everything. I really respect everyone in the super hero community. But I hate those who act as if they are an expert on the character even though they never read one single comic book of that character. You can say you are a fan of the character. But… To correct me when I say Something bad happened to a certain Spiderman character because Spidy revealed his identity to the world is false is just rage inducing

  4. Osian Coleman on

    Civil war is way better as a movie than the slightly mediocre comic book. In the comics it doesn’t end in heartbreak and birth sides r flawed and don’t rlly have much motive to there cause. Cap knows the punisher kills and trusts him and then is surprised when he kills someone and beats the shit out of him which is just fucking weird and in team iron man shield hires supervillains to help them even though suoervillains caused the hole problem in the first place? Tbh the hole story is based off ppl overreacting except for the first issue which is genuinely good and heard hitting as well as the captain America and Spiderman tie ins, only good thing about the other 7 issues of the story is the gorgeous art. I mean iron man puts a blind man who’s good at fighting in the phantasm zone and hires villains to take down his friends and ppl who clearly want to do good? How heroic and completely in character for a superhero to do 😂. Also hate the week weird abrupt ending that feels so incomplete it needed a tie in to finish it properly. Civil war is a fight first ask questions later story which is okay at best,

  5. The Reptile on

    Spider-Man was young in the beginning… his youth in the movies is not based on Ultimate Spider-Man at all. In fact the Amazing Spider-Man has far more in common with the Ultimate version than Tom Holland's does.


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